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Beaulieu International Group Unveils Brand-New Experience Center at Flanders Flooring Days

Beaulieu International Group Unveils Brand-New Experience Center at Flanders Flooring Days

The third edition of Flanders Flooring Days (FFD) has officially kicked off! This four-day event (May 13-16) is a collaborative initiative among Flemish flooring companies opening their doors to customers or prospects worldwide. Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) has been involved since the very beginning of the concept and is indispensable yet again. Moreover, this year, Beaulieu is presenting a unique experience by seizing Flanders Flooring Days as an opportunity to unveil their state-of-the-art Experience Center to the public for the first time.

Ultimate experience
During the Flanders Flooring Days, everyone is invited to discover the wide range of solutions offered by Beaulieu, all under one roof. Whether it’s cushion vinyl, hard flooring, event carpets, or artificial grass, each option can be explored in a unique way. And the offerings don’t stop there. Beaulieu also presents its Engineered Solutions such as Fibres and Technical Textiles, as well as its Upholstery activities, and Beaulieu Polymers, will also shine in the Experience Center. “At this Center, visitors will have the opportunity to touch, discover, and experience all our solutions. The aim is for visitors to leave here with even more ideas than they came in with,” says Matthias Blomme, Group Marketing Manager at Beaulieu.

Tangible solutions combined with digital impressions
Each solution offered by Beaulieu is housed in a dedicated corner, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in that specific application. However, the Experience Center is structured in such a way that visitors can seamlessly stroll from one solution to another, enabling them to discover that combining multiple solutions can lead to even more inventive and creative projects. “We’ve opted for tangible solutions combined with digital experiences and impressions,” continues Matthias Blomme. “For example, you can test and experience our Act Sports sports turf in our 180° sportsbox, but also explore our sustainable landscaping grass solutions. Or you can unleash your creativity within our immersive box, where you can instantly visualize your designs on digitally printed cushion vinyl flooring of Beauflor. Furthermore, you’ll be able to fully grasp the sustainability narrative of our event carpet Rewind and discover that BerryAlloc offers much more than just an impressive range of unique and innovative solutions in laminate, parquet, high-pressure flooring, strong wood floors, and vinyl planks & tiles in fantastic designs. The corner dedicated for BerryAlloc goes beyond product offerings. With tools as Myfloorstyle, a new content platform that answers all questions about flooring and interior design, and Harmony Lab, an innovative interior design concept created in collaboration with renowned color experts, we show everyone the full picture!”

Sustainability across all solutions
With the purpose of Beaulieu being Shaping sustainable living together, it’s not surprising that sustainability takes center stage in this Experience Center and during these Flanders Flooring Days. Beaulieu aims to build a better future by reducing our environmental footprint, caring for our people and communities, and conducting business in a transparent, ethical manner. And this commitment is evident in everything we do.

In the landscaping artificial grass section, there’s a strong focus on eco-backings, which improves recyclability by utilizing yarns and backing from the same polyolefin material family. These solutions require up to 50% less backing material while maximizing stability and durability, shown in products like Iska Eco, Forestland Eco, Wildflower Eco, Mystique Eco, and Elite Eco.

Meanwhile, Beauflor introduces the Twilight collection: our cushion vinyl rolls with a 40% lower carbon footprint compared to our conventional heterogeneous CV flooring for residential applications. It sets a new standard for our industry.

And by utilizing Rewind at events or exhibitions, you’re opting for the most sustainable flooring solution available; no water usage, latex-free, and eliminating excessive energy consumption. It’s also 100% recyclable and flawlessly transforms into pure mono-recyclate, ready for a new life.

And let’s not forget about our Fibres with their Sustainable Fibres Program and Technical Textiles, whose products are a benchmark in various markets. They provide solutions with proven sustainability-enhancing benefits in agrotextiles, geotextiles, backings, and industrial fabrics.

Creative and sustainable hub
The sustainability ambitions of Beaulieu are also reflected in the construction of the building itself. Thanks to geothermal technology for both cooling and heating, with 60 boreholes each approximately 90 meters deep, an exceptionally low ecological footprint is ensured, perfectly aligning with Beaulieu’s sustainability goals set for 2030. With a total of 3.700 square meters, of which 1.600 square meters are exclusively reserved for the Experience Center, it’s hard not to be captivated by this impressive architectural structure. This creative hub is not only a unique experience for visitors, but also all employees can fully enjoy the benefits of this brand-new space. At the heart of the building lies the “Place Beaulieu“, a versatile space where everyone can meet, co-create, innovate and work together.

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