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Accumold Reaches 7000 Projects Milestone

Accumold Reaches 7000 Projects Milestone 

Leading micro molding expert and innovator, Accumold, is proud to announce that it has embarked upon its 7000th customer project since it was founded back in 1985. Accumold specializes in high-precision micro molding technology, offering solutions for creating extremely small, detailed thermoplastic parts and components with micron-level precision. Its 7000 projects have been across various industries including medical, microelectronics, and automotive, emphasizing the company’s expertise in manufacturing parts requiring exacting specifications.

Accumold’s long-standing experience stands it apart from suppliers that may claim a long pedigree in micro molding, but instead they have a foundation in precision engineering that goes back years, but are relatively new when it comes to actually producing micro and precision plastic parts. 

Paul Runyan, VP Sales & Marketing at Accumold says, “Only with decades of micro plastic part production under its belt does a micro molding supplier have the experience and strength and breadth of knowledge to tackle the most exacting of customer applications. Yours does not want to be the first project of its kind that your supplier deals with. You need longevity in manufacturing, and also evidence like we can show at Accumold that your supplier has been around the block numerous times with projects such as yours, maybe even 7000 times round the block!”

Also of pivotal importance is the fact that the Accumold is truly vertically integrated, with design and material assistance, micro tool design and fabrication, micro molding, metrology and validation, and automated assembly/packaging all under one roof. This is fundamental in being able to repeatably meet the tight tolerances demanded by its customers, and mitigates the risk of losing tolerances if parts are passed from supplier to supplier.

Paul Runyan, continues, “You may have looked under the hood of a micro molding supplier, and seen evidence of vertical integration. You may also have seen a relatively healthy level of experience. So far so good. But what about the size of the operation you are dealing with? Capabilities are only one part of the equation. Just as important are scalability and sustainability. Alternative suppliers may have ticked the vertical integration box, but in terms of production, is the infrastructure big enough to support your volume requirements over an extended period of time? Some customers require millions and millions of parts with a continuity of supply running over years. Put quite simply, without the space to accommodate this scale of supply and the associated manufacturing cells, then your chosen partner may be found wanting.”

Accumold boasts a 130,000 square-foot advanced facility, built to guarantee supply chain security. The company is home to 350 dedicated employees and delivers its intricate parts and components to a global clientele. Because of this the company can handle the high-volume production demands of its customers, reliably delivering millions of precision parts annually. To sustain this level of supply, Accumold also has the financial robustness as a supply partner that ensures it can survive recessionary (or pandemic-associated) downturns, this continuity being vital for long-term customers.

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